Online store and E-commerce is a successful business

Start your own online business or put your existing business on the Internet is a solution that small businesses or individuals should not delayecommerce
The Net has changed the way business is done worldwide. With a potential base 900 million active Internet customers, small businesses can not ignore the eCommerce.

Despite the credit crunch, online shopping continues to increase dramatically year after year and yet many companies are still not taking advantage of the potential of the Internet.
There is an increase of 45% in sales when we put our online business, second report traders.

Client Base

the internet shopping will be 40% of all sales in 2020
84% of the world’s internet users shop online now
your business can be found by customers all over the world, 24 hours / 7 days
is extremely easy to internationalize and globalize the supply of its products
an online store or e-commerce is ideal to sell rare or niche products and without geographical limitations
The internet is the ideal place for small or grow Start-up companies, without the need to compete on the premises or business and real estate offices which helps make it very profitable!
The PME online, 90% found on the internet a profitable place to trade

Cost reductions
many Tenants start your online business from their own homes, reducing huge fixed costs faced by traditional offline businesses
Initial costs of an online business are 40% smaller than most companies could spend
So can make more money, increase profits and reduce costs and prices!online store

And it’s very rewarding
Creating an online business is also extremely enjoyable and rewarding – you are your own boss, do something you like and work from home or on the beach. The online business work 24h / 7d and you can even run it in your spare time.
LogicaiNova have low-cost solutions to help you start your store or online business successfully